Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

So I am supposed to be getting Derrick ( apparently against his will) in about an hour. We are off to David's for drinks...just the three of us, maybe Ron might show up not sure...not worried. Money cant be an issue with the guy...David made good tips tonight and I got paid. :-) So...he better get to it. His boy is busy with family...just crazy not to come out and join the festival of David and Matt! ( if you show up more than 3 times a week you can have your name added to the title too)

So David and I have become the best friends weirdly…He keeps dragging me out (which is good cause I need something to do since your not here). But its taking a toll on me hanging out with that boy. For instance…..I was out Thursday, Friday, Saturday then Wednesday, Thursday, tonight…and most likely tomorrow. Each night I grab myself together meet him at his place we carry on and drink a bit then head out and have a good time, and then I get home at 3am…then off to work by 8:30. Some of the stuff from this week….Wednesday we went to Q and a lot of people we know where there. Thomas Carrier and his BF ( shane’s lip locker) and Robbi ( you have met him) and Josh …you know big ears….and then assorted others. It was a nice night. David decided the bartender was cute….so I got the boys number for David and tried to match make them.

Then Thursday we went out to Q again. I had forgotten on Thursday’s it is water gun night. Lets just say….David and I had two guns each and are running across the bar diving behind tables shotting back at like 3 or 4 groups that kept coming after us. I was SOAKED!.......I mean….the floor was wet, our hair was dripping….David flirted a bit with the bartender….which is a cute guy and David would be smart to go for….and then weird moment….some boy decided he was so wet he didn’t want to be in wet clothes….so he strips NAKED….and is holding his junk in his hands standing on the bar stool as everyone is shotting at him… was …..weird! But you have no idea how wet we were. The front door guy at connection who hands out tickets was my main attacker…

By Friday I was wearing thin at work...:-) So gonna have to scale this down a little. Thursday evenings I am supposed to be at Connections working on their website so maybe working at the bar in the office will slow my partying???? Who knows....

Brent and I have talked a bit. :-) Exchanging those emails. I saved him a seat next to me last night at the drag show....told people....yes this seat is my boyfriend's he'll be back soon.

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