Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

So I got to talk to Brent for about 20 minutes last night on da phone. Was good to hear his voice. I put up a clock on my homepage that counts down until he is supposed to be back. Didnt realize how bad it sounded until it was put into days.....77.
Anyhow..mayham continues in the rank and file.
I found out that my graphics card supports setting additional shared memory aside from the system memory to add to the dedicated 128mb. For a total of 256. I tried it and turned the comp on..sure enough the graphics were 256, but my 512 system memory was down to like that was counter-productive. So now I am researching and waiting for the right price of a 1 gb chip to set things into higher gear.
Otherwise not much else happening here. I am seriously working towards getting away to Chicago soon. Details to follow. :-)

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