Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler


My mind is racing but I havent had a chance to update here. So here goes:
Shane is moving...stuff is actually going out the door. We had a great conversation about friendship and what it means. Discussed each other's good traits and plan to stay in contact. While we do have our differences I think Shane has two great aspects....endurance and loyalty. Over a year we have been roommates...thats a good amount of time to tick someone off...but he has always allowed me the time to realize I was wrong and apologize. I'll miss our inner circle jokes, and such...he knows which songs I play to get him to bolt from his room and dance with me in the hall. We've know each other many years...and compliment each other which is what friends should do.
Work...I want more $$ Who doesn't? I think I may be getting a second job working for two small businesses on their long as Gateway doesnt mind..which they shouldnt as they dont make them their selves. adjusting...hopefully he'll be all settled in within the next 48 hours. Class registration is tomorrow. I have to say I really enjoy coming home and him being here, someone to talk too, walk around downtwon with..and to go out to the bar. As Shane says...he has the same pizzaz as I do.
Welp...I am playng a game so gonna bounce.

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