Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

Funny place....Louisville

So this suburban town "Deerpark" is searching for 3 lost deer after one more was found in Cherokee park. What makes this unusual is that the deer are concrete statues. :-) 120 pounds of non-living deer. Its cute if you ask me. Like a scavenger hunt someone apparently has taken them and relocated them across the city.

In other local addition to the new stadium and the 61 story building....Louisville is getting a new waterfront.  This goes just east of downtown.  Pushing downtown new construction to over 1 billion. 

And in other news...Brent is still trying to figure out his life...he has been in Chile for a month.  To do this he apparently wants to limit contact with the old world...(not just me but everyone) in light of this I told him I loved him and that I need to focus on myself for now and when he gets back he gets back.  I can't wait for him to find the answer...and hey...he may have the answer but not want to admitt it, or he may find an answer that doesnt include me....which....either are probably more likely than him finding an answer and me and him live together all happily ever after.  Obviously I want the last part....BUT....I am gonna start planning on the first two.  I recently had communication with an old fling in Chicago and maybe it is time to avert my focus.  If Brent happens then he will happen.  If not then I can't force him too do whatever I want, I can only control myself and banking on a "what if" that is out of my hands isn't the smartest thing to do....maybe the most romantic....but often the most romantic people find themselves alone.

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