Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

Forever and ever, amen.

So yesturday was my spoil myself day.  I went out and decided I needed sandals, two new pairs of pants, one pair of shorts, 4 new shirts, new socks, new multicolor briefs, new cologne, a new hair cut, a facial, and an extreme amount of vodka starting during the shopping venture and running all night until a bartender pried my last drink out of my hands at 4 am.  :-)  lol.....famous lines last yesturday...... 1. This semi gay waitor brings Ron and I boxes for our food....and tells me....Yours is bigger than his.....Ron caught it and I was so proud I didnt run with it. 2. He is trying to figure out stuff still.  And if you think about's a compliment.  I mean, he is picking between his God or Matt Leffler.  I'm happy he has to think about it and that I'm in the running still.  but before I go into Saturday I should mention Wednesday or Thursday night.  Wednesday was fine went to Tink's David kicked my ass in darts only 4 times in a row.  To the tune's of several of our dollars we monopolized the juke box and dedicated "I'm every woman" to a drag queen in a shinny blue plastic dress.  But to be honest....David did love her sunglasses....course I still can't get why people wear sunglasses at night inside a bar.  Gregory met us out also....which put me in the middle of 16 years of friendship adding the two together.   Thursday night was a blast....well...a blast of cold water in the face.  :-)  Water gun night in undies was its usual wet evening of running around attempting to fight back the agression of random boys and pistols.  I got drunk and decided to spend too much....which actually puts the night into high gear fun...I just remember that this girl talking to David was reason enough for me to buy her and 5 others  I was pickled.  Next day at work was KILLING....the semi-annoying token christian guy at work ( remember he was the one challenging people to a fight outside to prove he wasn't evolved from Aps) anyhow....he seemed to think I made a poor impression since I had only been there for a month and was obviously drying out in the chair I was in.....BUT....then he IS a total idiot so I guess him making comments is just an affirmation of my superior skills.  :-)  I am dedicated to dragging Kim out to Q.....and Theresa to Tink's.   but back to Thursday night...ran into an old crush from several years was funny....all the boys playing between Matt, me, joey, Justin?, Ed, and of course David.   I was doing well in the battle until switzerland holding the supersoaker let lose and decided to aim at my crotch....ughh....I need a bigger gun.   So David and I were flung into dialogue about our past by a random drunk was a stinging mutual hit....:-)  He said....that was so three years ago.  I said it was like taking a field trip in elementary school every by the fifth year you kinda don't care.  :-)  Interesting dialogue.   My yard is stellar.  I plan to spend tomorrow redoing the mulch.  I have about 15 rose buds about to spring open...:-)  The idiot mail man stepped on one of my bushes....and since then I have installed rusty nails pointing up around it....try it again I say....:-)   teasing....but its a good idea I'll have to look into. So anyhow...I have ordered my up grade to my laptop.  Rather than buying a 1 gb chip right now...I am gonna get one 512.  difference in price is 85 to 37.  So I have the 512 on it's way that will replace one of my 256 chips.  Then next pay check I am gonna get the 1gb chip and then I'll have 1.5 Gb of memory.   This 512 isn't cutting it anymore. Oh...and I have a big interiew on Wednesday after work.  Hopefully I can get represents a raise of $11,000 a year.  Effectively I'll have doubled my salary since March when I was working at Bank of America technical support.  Then with the new influx of cash I'll go out and grab a hot apartment and start eyeing a condo, maybe save some $$ towards a trip or car.  I've learned it is easier to save money when you have more of it.   So I am on a country music kick.  Some stupid song that I am repeating right "If you see him, If you see her." love Reba.....This country kick happened by accident battery on my mp3 player died forcing me to the radio....which....was still on preset 5....Forever and ever, amen was on....that is a very cool song.  
Additionally two more country songs that everyone else knew but I am just recently downloading....."Live like you were dieing" and "I'd rather ride around with you."
I was out today poolside sipping on my budlight getting licked by a dog named charles while I attempting to dry off and possibly gain a tan.  It was nice .... a hot day at 90 or so degrees....the water was a tad chilly at first but after I did my 5 second count down I jumped on in and it worked out.  Leisure Days....this was the first day of the season that I did the shirtless thing....little more ground to make....(10) pounds...but I have the time.  I think my eating habits having changed was pivital.  For instance as I am finishing this entry here...I am finishing dinner.  Tonight is steamed broccoli, grilled turkey burgers, and mashed potatoes.  Yestuerday was brussell sprouts with baked pork chops and mashed potatoes.  Tomorrow's memorial day weekend will most likely be whatever on the grill of the cookout i land at. 


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