Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler



:-)  My this HAS been an extremely wildly varriant week.  I'd divide life into several spheres which I shall list 3 that I have experienced fluxuation of noteable extremes.


"AWESOME - as soon as that is done HR will quickly move to get you an offer!!!!


You are in sir - Welcome aboard! " was the text of an email I received today.  This should represent a 33% raise.  I cant say much more now cause as you may recall I just changed jobs and have to explain to the company that gave me a raise of 50% from the job before them that I will be resigning after only 5 weeks.  Due to this new flux of funds I am changing my expected apartment to a different...much nicer place.


As noted in a friend posting I have a challenge ahead of me and begin my battle Monday at 9 a.m.


The one I rely on isn't the one I expected to rely on for support.  When you hit a high or a horrible is a telling sign of life when you ask yourself.... Who was worried about me?  Who asked me if I was okay?  Who told me that will be okay and not worry?  on the flip side:  When you learn you have made an extreme advance in life that constitutes a life style change in a greatly positive way.....who is the first person you tell?  Who is the one who celebrates your achievements?  The same boy who slayed Goliath.

So the world is in motion and thats always been the world I excell within.


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