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Welcome! Welp...Jan. 5 was the official cut off date for smoking. Gina and i are both in good spirits but debating whether or not to set a tobacco farm on fire near us and stand accidently in the wind. least I smell nicer now.
As for boys...they will be boys. I am off to have a good night out tonight. No clue where it shall lead me just that I am open and welcome to the world before me.
Last night went to the movies. LOTR3 is okay....liked it all together...but the ending was a tad drawn out. Also ate calamari for the first time tasted like chewing on a condom. You cant really tear it up....just smush it in your mouth and swallow.....
Found another job I might want. I plan to keep on holding on to Gateway...just feeling the need to have multiple jobs. I want to be able to go nd do basically whatever i want when i want and where i want.
I am redesigning my home page. Time for version 4.0 The current is I guess version 3.6 the site is ready for a new all different aspect. I think a theme shall be a good way to project where to go with it...I'll prolly drop my exbf page....I think it is cute and all....but whats the use of keeping people around that arent part of your new life? Friend pages will remain...and be expanded. Gonna lose the frontpage views of it and try Adobe Go Live. I am at work now...and bored. I am off to sit down and watch TV.


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