Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

Master Plan....

So I am taking this brief lapse of employment to focus on devising a Master Plan to carry my goals and objectives as well as provide measurable indicators as to the success of this endeavor.  Using the MBO style of planning (Managing by Objective) I will add direction to my dreams, increaseing reources and new found energy.  I think I want to kick it off with a trip to Bardstown to do something that will enhance my experience of accomplishment.

Anyhow...about 30 miles south of Louisville as many already can tandem sky dive for $175.  Within the next 3 to 4 weekends I am resolved to discover myself finding Jesus a few thousand feet and a few hundred miles an hour plunging to the next step of life.  ( If I die...I leave all my worldly possessions to my cats )  Life is about risk.  Those who risk nothing gain nothing.  I was methaporically speaking recently when I was explaining to someone you reach a point in life where your experience tells you that it is time to JUMP.  Course I meant into a relationship...but this is an extension of that view.  270-723-3587 to make your appointment...I am trying to drag Derrick into this event.

In other good news....
I saw my boss from Marsh out at the bar.  We discussed my exodus from work.  He also explained that I still will get paid the full two weeks...meaning that my early start at Norton will put me in an over laping week of wages.  Which...originally I thought I was gonna be slown down by this situation...but now I see I shall be actually pushed ahead a week.  Lets just say it...I am only working 3/4 of this month and I still expect 2100 cleared with in the next 17 days.  La La La.....I do a dance....and think of myself in a light that is indirect and not fluorescent.

Other highlights of  the Master Plan to follow the jump....continue the decline of my beer gut...( which I am actually making very strong head way...I'd project if I can continue the rate I am on ...  I should be in the 140s by mid-July? ) ......special thanks to the lack of appetite side effects of my new drugs ) the apartment...return to college this fall at Sullivan off long standing a new car...I am thinking a Kia Optima?  The goal date of completion...December 31.   The car would only use like $300 from me...of course the car is the least important on this list...and without it I'll still have achieved my primary goals.

Hey!!!!  Nothing will happen if you don't want it and if you don't plan and prepare for it.  

And...a silent issue still is of course in mind....Brent.  He is still of course in Chile...but I am determined to be the best person I can be (thats pretty stellar) either provide the best soil for a reconnection of a committed relationship, OR to propell me forward to the next point.  You can be all about a relationship working...but being prepared for the unpredictable nature of another person's actions is a good advantage in self preservation!

Oh and on the side note...David is dating this guy Hunter which doesn't really translate too too much meaning to my life...but I should have thanked him cause he told me I've aged really well on Saturday.  Its all coming into a manageable vortex.


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