Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

Wanna dig yourself a hoe?  

This is a special notice to someone.   Not going to name names....but BRENT....I am not gonna send you this by email, cause you already have an email from me that you havent read.  I am NOT going to email you and tell you this.....either you can find it out by checking my journal....(which somewhat redeems yourself)...or you can get back here and find out that I truely have no intention of continuing this GAME.  If you complained recently that I looked as if I erased you from my cautious.  It is within my power and will to erase someone that doesn't appear to see me either.  What brought this on????  Basicaly since April you've disappointed me a tad here and there....For example....

If I go against my better judgement and show attention to you...when you've only shown attention when I look like I am moving on....and I receive no response....I go to your profile.  You see...I figure if you have time to go most likely went to your email as well.  AND SO....When the date of your last log in is after the date that I sent you a mushy message....your gonna rapidly find that I am not going to be going out on too many more limbs.  SERIOUSLY.  I watch this shit and an email that says hey I care about you after I have ignored you for a bit....will hold no worth if you can't show any reaction to my heart out extanded to you.  This summer has done a couple things....  1. Made me miss you.  2.  Feel that you don't share the feelings I have had and I'd be best served NOT finding myself alone.  I warn you....your closing doors with me.  Consistency and equal attention for others in the USA is something I kinda expect.  The lack of regard for me...will eventually lead me to write off my love as bad debt.  Find yourself and all....but don't a verb.  Good luck, cause your increasingly building a wall within me that you'll find luck as your only asset.

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