Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

Lala de da daa

So to the boys I carded...somewhere around a few hundred...???...I was actually supposed to card you.  David and I put on our pride volunteer shirts and admitted a shit load of boys, girls, and families.  And yes I was drunk...thats why a few were sent back to me and told to get the under 21 band.  Pride was fun.  Some at pride were cute.  AND...I got to see a few of the guys that I had been chatting with online.  (Yum!)  David and I left at 8pm after like 5 hours.  The combination of our prebar mimosa's and the pride picnic's vodka made us seek sleep before the bar.  AND....yes i was wet.  But thats because I had an incident in the water fountains on the river with a few people.  SOOO...I am actually a tad tired but...what would you do?  OF COURSE!!!!!....head out to the bar looking fabulous and watch the seeds sown during pride grow.  Seems as if EVERYONE was there...I mean....people that I had partied with 5 years ago were trading numbers again and remembering the time when we RULED that damn scene.  :-) to have the celebration!

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