Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler


Crawling from a familiar foreign bed Matthew flew to work to find a discussion of health care luming across the Gateway parking lot sidewalk. Republicians suck.
The difference between Democrats and Republicians is an easy one. Democrats seek society wealth and a collective good. Republicians seek to throw overboard any person that might inhibit them from making their 5th million.
And now as "Embrace Me" is introduced to the Gateway world from the Media Center PC one must ask if this could be an appropriate anthem for the days deeds.
Yesturday some shady business practices didnt seem to fly. What can be said...too many republicians showing there influence in the workplace.:-) Anything from Cancer to prostitution can be argued as a result of republicians. :-) Now it isn't fair to claim this elementary association as life is more complex than that...but Matthew has always found an arguement in any cause.
Louisville Gas and Electric notice that my gas meter doesn't work. So...they estimated the usaged across the 730 days it had failed to come to a grand total of 1,200 in gas charges. Not my fault it took them years to realize that they werent reading any usage. Their estimates are faulty too...based upon the 2 weeks it has now worked they basically have doubled the estimate.
So I shall fight them. I have no problem taking on the larger evil...and Matthew has always landed on high ground in any attempt to right the injustice of the world.
Conceided??? Probably...but isn't it somewhat of a turn on when a person is committed and sure of an idea. Matthew is simply sure that he attempts to make positive waves in the status quo sea. to sell a computer.

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