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My my is hard to believe as much as I seem to drink...that last night we reached an all new plateu...before I threw up it was FUN.
Not my fault that lesbian bar sells pitchers of beer for 3 a peice. They gave me a sweet they were, but it was just too much to keep up with so I forgot who I gave it too...I was just walking around with my pitcher.
Oh baby it keeps getting better. That pitcher was the Icy rain that fell over the snow storm before hand to make it majorly slippery. For instance the bottle of Southern Twist I drank after work should have done the trick...or maybe the 4 beers I already had at Ruby Tuesday's. But wait...maybe the 3 martini's at Connection coud have got me drunk. Either way...I dont recall this....Arty says he was telling me to take off my clothes when I get in the shower...I dont recall taking a shower dressed, but again I dont recall who broke our halogen lamp...but apparently its on my repair bill.....
Some gurl came up to me and was like......Matt do you remember me? I was like...."Yes, I hate you!" And she was like I hate you And we drank together and had fun and talked about the guy that we both knew years ago that made us dislike each other.....but being drunk brings two funny things.....blunt honesty....which allows the reconstruction of civil society.
Anyhow...UofL made a mistake yesturday and sent me a 4000 dollar check....I shouldnt be getting a check at all this I am gonna run to the bank. Toodles. Ft. Lauderdale is nice this time of the year

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