Matthew Leffler (kymatt19) wrote,
Matthew Leffler

So lets get this out before I sober up....convo in the car....


Matt- I just hope that brent becomes the knight in shining armuor.
Friend 1:  Matthew, be realistic...focus on "XYZ" boy he likes you and that can work.

Its most likely true.

Lets face it.  IF brent wanted things to work out he could do it.  He hasn't.  He has ignored me and done nothing to show himself as a knight in shining armor no matter how much I may hurt.  But then xyz boy enters...with a smile he makes wounds feel better...and he isnt even zyx boy.....who you've been pursuing.  Point being....NOTE TO ALL.....YOU WILL NEVER HAVE WHAT YOU WANT IF YOU SETTLE FOR A RELATIONSHIP THAT ISNT......pursue the others.  It hurts to lose the one you want, but you have to go for the guys that can deliver what you want.  Honestly......I miss him, I hurt and I second guess myself....but my friends ring forward and remind me....YOU are responsible for what YOU will settle for.  I will ONLY settle for a meaningful relationship....not the phantom of one.

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